Stunt Sport Movie

Stunt Sport Movie

Now playing on FOX Action Movies! Stunt Sport is a feature film directed and executive produced by Samuel McKaig about the underground worlds of Parkour, Breaking, & Martial Arts Tricking. Stunt Sport explores the integration of these extreme movements within the Hollywood stunt world. Visit the official Facebook of Stunt Sport or visit Hollywood Film And Media for more information

Featuring an international line up of the elite choreographers, dancers, Parkour and freerunning athletes, Bboys, Martial Arts Trickers, Olympic Athletes, and stuntmen behind America’s Best Dance Crew, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, the Expendables, Hulu’s The LXD (Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers), Red Bull Art Of Motion, Hunger Games, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Battle of the Year, John Chu’s Step Up 3d, The Olympic Games, and more.

Hold on to the edge of your seats as young adrenaline junkies like Travis Wong and King David defy all odds, soar from roof tops, head-spin with broken backs, and display the athleticism, determination, and artistic expression that has made these Stunt Sports a global phenomenon. This film documents the struggles and lives of these underground acrobats and showcases how these three urban movements have found their niche in Hollywood and made these athletes some of the most sought after stuntmen and acrobats in show business.

Produced by: Hollywood Film And Media® (
Distributed by: Artist View Entertainment (
Directed by: The McKaig Bros (Samuel McKaig & Ian McKaig)

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