Marketing and Brand Consulting

Marketing and Brand Consulting

Sam’s marketing experience has helped companies, public figures, and organizations create effective ad campaigns by utilizing methods derived from the entertainment industry. Sam’s goal is to connect an audience with a product as well as the brand behind it. A marketing campaign should engage an audience and provide an easy way to find more information. By using a system of story telling and character development, viewers will not just view an ad but relate to it and be encouraged to pursue it. Sam’s passion is in helping build a brand’s image from the ground up but also heads individual campaigns for established brands. Sam developed the marketing and advertising division for Hollywood Film And Media with a unique focus on character and story to create a closer relationship between a company and their prospective markets. Sam’s team works with a wide range of company sizes and industries, from international to local, from medical products to those that drive on wheels, from service industries to technology. Unlike most marketing companies, Sam’s team works with your team and doesn’t take credit for your success. Sam and the team provide services in most forms of content creation such as creative writing, digital media design, photography, film production, audio design, web design, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, press release creation and distribution, media relationship building, and more. View Sam’s Santa Barbara Marketing Services.

Santa Barbara Marketing Services Offered:

Marketing & Advertising Consulting

Directing your team we will implement tracking systems and increase your productivity, reach, and targeting.

Marketing & Advertising Content Creation

Our team will create content and marketing campaigns from scratch. Everything from commercials and web videos, to Facebook ads, posters, business cards, and logos.

Brand Strategy and Brand Management

Work with you to develop your brand and how it connects with the public.

Social Media Media Marketing  (Growth & Management)

Build and maintain your presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more. Increase your brand’s reach and effectiveness by building a closer relationship with your followers.

Web Design

Create effective websites that are right for your market.

Build Web Brand and Web Presence

Are you Googleable? What do people see when they search your name or brand? We make sure you are easy to find and that your image is uniform throughout various platforms.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher in relevant search results on Bing, Yahoo, or Google. SEO services also available for social media profiles, youtube channels, celebrity profile sites, news articles, and other sites that are helpful to your brand or product.