Santa Barbara Marketing & Advertising

Santa Barbara Marketing & Advertising

Sam McKaig’s Santa Barbara marketing consulting business is based out of Santa Barbara California but operates on a national level with clients in various parts of the United States. Mr. McKaig’s experience in building businesses, fixing brands, formulating marketing strategies, and creating content for commercials and advertising campaigns has made him a powerful resource for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Marketing Plans And Advertising Packages

Sam McKaig offers custom marketing plans that typically last a minimum of 6months to 1 year. While most packages and services are custom, below are just a few generic packages to give you a basic understanding of some of the marketing services provided.

Plan #1 –  Local Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing Package – For Local Santa Barbara County Brands Only
We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to grow your brand, increase your following, and bring in new customers or clients. On top of formulating a custom strategy for each local brand, we can coordinate with you on new concepts, products, posts, or advertisements as well as operate self-sufficiently. That means that whether you have updates to share or not, we can still continue to work independently to increase your brands presence. This offer is limited specifically to web and social media management for local brands. We will increase your reach, get you listed on hundreds of websites, update your clients weekly, build your client base, and monitor your online brand to ensure your competitors aren’t attacking you with malicious content or fake reviews. We also monitor your clientele to see what they respond to, find ways to increase your following, and work to connect you with influential accounts. Web and social marketing isn’t just measured in the number of followers but in the consistency of interaction. We focus on more than just gaining new followers but staying connected with current ones and encouraging them to refer your business.


Plan #2 –  Brand Management – Works with Local, Regional, National, & International brands
Sam McKaig’s brand management and consulting can involve building a brand from scratch or re-branding an already established product to increase sales. In addition to strategy, Sam will help implement the process. Getting good press coverage for any organization can often be difficult. Mr. McKaig can help you brand or re-brand your business or product to stand out from the competition and connect you with your community and clientele. This can often involve formulating the strategy, getting art designed, creation of marketing content, and getting it seen through interviews, press releases, advertising, and public engagements. Sam McKaig has the resources, connections, and knowledge to get you in front of the right people and protect your brand through the entire process. Clients can include both small and large corporations, non-profit organizations, events & concerts, product campaigns, celebrities and athletes, Tech companies, and start-ups.


Plan #3 –  Content Creation – Works with Local, Regional, National, & International brands
Creating content for your website, social media accounts, youtube channel, or tv commercial space is often the most costly and difficult part of creating an effective marketing campaign. In Conjuction with Hollywood Film And Media’s advertising division he can help create every aspect of your campaign and manage the entire process to ensure your vision is realized. Sam McKaig’s experience writing content for websites, books, commercials, marketing materials, and feature film screenplays can help ensure your company is seen the way it should be. His writing helps connect a company with their clientele through story and character development. What makes Mr. McKaig unique is that he doesn’t just develop the concept and stop there. His experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has helped organizations standout online and turn even the most obscure products into regularly searched terms. High-quality SEO writing is the art of writing for both humans and search engines. So what’s that mean, and why do you need it?
The reason a company creates a website is so that consumers can find more information about their products or services. So what’s the point of a beautiful website if no one can find it?  Often even the most well written article or most expensive website wont rank well in search results. That’s because the site’s content wasn’t articulated in a way that google understands. On the other hand, you have web designers who understand computers but not the humans. Web designers will cram their sites with a bunch of unreadable content that makes sense to a computer but just annoys the human reader. Mr. McKaig mixes his backgrounds in creative writing and story telling with his experience in marketing and SEO. This creates a unique style of writing that is understandable to both man and machine.

Don’t have a website, a commercial, or other marketing materials? Don’t worry. Sam can organize every aspect of your brand and marketing needs by working with affiliate Hollywood Film And Media®.
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