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Sam McKaig is an American businessman, writer, and entertainer from Santa Barbara California. He comes from a long line of business owners that dates back to family run businesses from the early 1900s [more info]. His professional career started with the creation of his first corporation at the age of 15 for event and concert promoting where he organized nonprofit benefits, dance competitions, and concerts then later transitioned into the media and entertainment industry.

In 2004 Sam McKaig founded a commercial video production company and later joined forces to create Hollywood Film And Media, a high-end marketing, entertainment, and advertising production company. Sam or his works have appeared in various publications around the world including the Hollywood Reporter, Le Progress National News Paper in France, Screen Magazine, Screen Daily, Breakdance Magazine, the Santa Barbara News Press, The Independent, Montecito Magazine, Casa, The Daily Sound, as well as various TV stations, theaters, radio shows, web and new media projects, documentaries, and news castings throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. Over the past 7 years Sam has been invited to speak or teach at events around the United States, Germany, France, and the UK to encourage the youth to turn their passions into viable careers.

As a businessman he has structured or negotiated both domestic and international deals for film distribution, music rights, non-profit events, concerts, millions of dollars in real estate deals, producing options, acting and performance rights, television rights, international film sales agency rights, trademark & copyright formation and licensing, corporate advertising, video on demand, advertisements and reality-TV productions for new media, and various investment deals.

The Many Hats

“In today’s business world it’s important to be adaptable, have multiple skills, and make sure those skills work in unison to create forward movement in your career… You have to learn to use each skill or talent you acquire as a stepping stone to your next venture. You have to wear multiple hats and acquire as many hats as you can.” – Samuel McKaig Speaking at The Career In The Arts Conference 2014

Film & Entertainment

Film & Entertainment

Samuel McKaig is currently producing, writing, or directing various projects with well known Hollywood veterans and through his production company at Hollywood Film And Media. Samuel started with a passion for video editing and acting but later stumbled into the role of writer, director, and producer with his work being called by critics as “Mesmerizing” and “Artists of a new and exciting kind”. Mr. McKaig recently directed the TrickStar Reality series as well as directed and produced feature film Stunt Sport, which played on Fox Action Films and distributed Internationally by Artist View Entertainment. Samuel McKaig is currently collaborating on a number of projects including screenplays, commercials, Reality-TV, and a new screenplay with award winning director Joseph L. Scanlan.

Film & Entertainment Contacts
Production Company
Hollywood Film And Media

Hollywood Legal and Movie Contracts
11601 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Hollywood Agent & Agency
JLA Talent Agency

P.R. & Publicity:
McFadden & McFadden P.R

Real Estate

Real Estate

Sam McKaig joined forces with his business mentor and mother, well-known luxury Realtor Louise McKaig, named Santa Barbara’s Best Real Estate Agent by the Independent News Magazine & The Santa Barbara News Press. Combining Louise McKaig’s experience in real estate with Sam McKaig’s marketing and media background, they have formed one of the most dynamic teams in the industry.

Before setting up a business or marketing system Sam will 1st analyze all aspects for flaws and holes in the operation, as well as assess the market for possible needs. One of the many flaws that Sam found in real estate sales & marketing is that agents and brokers market themselves as the product as apposed to the homes they are selling. If you look at any major product based sales company (Coca-Cola, Fisher Price, Toyota) rather than spending majority of their marketing budget to promote the company they instead spend money to market their product, which in turn benefits the company’s brand exposure. In the real estate industry the product is the real estate listing, not the Realtor.

By directing funds into marketing the actual homes sold by the company as apposed to marketing the company, clients have found their homes gaining more exposure, more potential buyers, and more open house attendees which usually results in more competitive offers, better terms, a higher sale price, a dramatic increase in sales, a decrease in time on market, happy clients, rave reviews, and one of the most popular real estate sales teams around.  With extra funds and a marketing team backing their client’s interests, the luxury real estate community has taken notice and has made this Santa Barbara Montecito Real Estate Team one of the most popular and recommended in the business. Sam McKaig is affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate, The Who’s Who of Luxury Real Estate, Luxury Portfolio, California Association Of Realtors, and Santa Barbara Board of Realtors. For more info visit the official Santa Barbara Real Estate and Montecito Real Estate Website.

Official Real Estate Team:

The Santa Barbara Montecito Real Estate Team

CalBre # 01957179

Marketing and Brand Consulting

Marketing and Brand Consulting

Sam’s marketing experience has helped companies, public figures, and organizations create effective ad campaigns by utilizing methods derived from the entertainment industry. Sam’s goal is to connect an audience with a product as well as the brand behind it. A marketing campaign should engage an audience and provide an easy way to find more information. By using a system of story telling and character development, viewers will not just view an ad but relate to it and be encouraged to pursue it. Sam’s passion is in helping build a brand’s image from the ground up but also heads individual campaigns for established brands. Sam developed the marketing and advertising division for Hollywood Film And Media with a unique focus on character and story to create a closer relationship between a company and their prospective markets. Sam’s team works with a wide range of company sizes and industries, from international to local, from medical products to those that drive on wheels, from service industries to technology. Unlike most marketing companies, Sam’s team works with your team and doesn’t take credit for your success. Sam and the team provide services in most forms of content creation such as creative writing, digital media design, photography, film production, audio design, web design, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, press release creation and distribution, media relationship building, and more. View Sam’s Santa Barbara Marketing Services.

Santa Barbara Marketing Services Offered:

Marketing & Advertising Consulting

Directing your team we will implement tracking systems and increase your productivity, reach, and targeting.

Marketing & Advertising Content Creation

Our team will create content and marketing campaigns from scratch. Everything from commercials and web videos, to Facebook ads, posters, business cards, and logos.

Brand Strategy and Brand Management

Work with you to develop your brand and how it connects with the public.

Social Media Media Marketing  (Growth & Management)

Build and maintain your presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more. Increase your brand’s reach and effectiveness by building a closer relationship with your followers.

Web Design

Create effective websites that are right for your market.

Build Web Brand and Web Presence

Are you Googleable? What do people see when they search your name or brand? We make sure you are easy to find and that your image is uniform throughout various platforms.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher in relevant search results on Bing, Yahoo, or Google. SEO services also available for social media profiles, youtube channels, celebrity profile sites, news articles, and other sites that are helpful to your brand or product.



As a professional entertainer & performer Sam has toured across the globe performing, speaking, and teaching workshops. He has been sponsored by and performed on behalf of various companies throughout his career including Red Bull, Diesel, Gatorade, Vans, Panic Clothing, Education Athletics, Simple Shoes, Robeks, and more. Under his stage name he can also be seen in various feature films, commercials, print ads, and stage shows all over the world. Sam was signed with JLA Talent Agency in Hollywood California for commercial and film for over 10 years but has since retired to pursue his other passions.



Discovering Sam’s passion for writing was primarily done by accident. He stumbled into the role of writer when he and his brother were young filmmakers looking to shoot their own short films. Realizing they needed an actual story to begin filming Sam jumped into action creating various scenarios and filming them. While at school he saw a poster for a screenwriting competition and decided to enter. Knowing nothing about real screenwriting, Sam got to work that night and within a few hours he wrote a story, hit spell check, and sent it in before the midnight deadline. A few weeks later he got the call as one of the 5 finalists and was paired with an industry mentor. Since then he has been mentored by many other well known Hollywood writers, directors, producers, and story tellers that have nurtured his talents and have now since even invited to co-write movie screenplays or work on various projects.



As a businessman, Mr. McKaig has structured or negotiated both domestic and international deals for film distribution, music rights, non-profit events, concerts, millions of dollars in real estate deals, producing options, acting and performance rights, television rights, international film sales agency rights, trademark & copyright formation and licensing, corporate advertising, video on demand, advertisements and reality-TV productions for new media, and various investment deals. Sam continues to start, run, and invest in various entertainment projects and businesses. Most recently he has begun the launch of a new lifestyle magazine set to hit stands at the end of 2015.

What The Pros Say

Samuel was a performer whose spins, flips and contortions, defied the limits of the human body. Now, as a movie maker he brings that same energy, imagination, and humor to the screen.

Don Murray – Oscar Nominated Actor / Producer

Samuel McKaig is a triple threat and then some… writing, directing, editing etcetera… you name it and he can do it. He also has the cinematic chops and technological skills to get any project off the page and onto the screen with ease… Samuel is truly a top-tier talent.

Mick Murray – Actor / Producer

Samuel is a marketing genius!

Neal Israel – Producer / Writer / Director

Samuel is an extremely talented individual, having an understanding of all aspects of production whenever we have worked together. He has a unique perspective having been a performer himself, and I appreciate having the opportunity to work with those that share his passion and artistic vision.

Travis Wong – Producer / Businessman

This is the future of entertainment. Samuel is the outcome of what filmmakers from our generation only talked and dreamed about. Imagine a filmmaker who can create every aspect of a film under one roof.

Paul Lynch – Film & TV Director

Having been involved in the entertainment industry for quite some time, I’ve been able to witness the tireless work that Sam has done to further our culture.

Mark Perry – Freestyle Entertainment, LLC

As a former Romanian Olympic coach, International Gymnastics Judge, and Men’s Gymnastics coach since 1984, it is my pleasure to know Sam. He is a great person and persistent in his goals.  He’s very honest, friendly and helpful. Sam is a man of honor and dignity.

Mircea Badulescu – Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Judge/Coach

Samuel is quite a remarkable young man. His charm, creativity, and determination are without equal.

Joseph L. Scanlan – TV Director

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